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Come posso registrare ed estrarre l'audio dal video di YouTube

Registra l'audio di YouTube
Recently, I came across an excellent video on YouTube and its background music is so amazing. I'd like to rip the audio from this video. Is there any way to capture audio from YouTube without recording the whole video?

Two methods are mainly talked about here to teach you how to capture audio from YouTube. They are the best two options in the world, though a number of options can do the same thing. Have a good look at them and select a proper one for you to record moving music from your favorite videos.

Option XNUMX. Recording audio from YouTube video with Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is popular for its powerful features and user-friendly interface. It enables you to do the following:

XNUMX. Capture any streaming audio, including radio, TV shows, music sites and open courses of famous universities.

XNUMX. Record online audio from many popular video sites, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Yahoo, etc.

XNUMX. Extract audio from movies, talk shows, home-made videos, and other kinds of videos.

XNUMX. Rip your video calls or save audio calls with your friends or family member.

Steps of recording audio from YouTube videos on Windows

I 1 PassiDownload and install YouTube Screen Recorder to your PC. Then run it on your computer. Choose "Audio Recorder". (Check Voice Recorder for Windows qui)

Avvia Pandora Music Recorder

I 2 PassiStart YouTube Screen Recorder.

After installing the application to your computer, open it and adjust its default setting as you wish. Turn off the microphone audio and set the recording area and storage location.

Imposta l'audio per la registrazione su YouTube

I 3 PassiLaunch YouTube and select the video.

Select the video from which you want to record audio and click to play the video. Meanwhile, click the REC button in the Screen Recorder to record audio.

Registra l'audio di YouTube

I 4 PassiPreview and save your recorded audio.

After recording, prev-listen to your recorded audio and save it to your local files.

Puoi controllare il video qui sotto

Registra video e audio sul computer in pochi minuti pulsante di riproduzione

Note that your recorded audio through Screen Recorder is in format of MPXNUMX/WMA/AAC/MXNUMXA. If the formats are not suitable for your device, you need to convert its format with Free YouTube Video Converter. Or you can directly pull audio from YouTube video with YouTube Video Converter.

Extracting sound from YouTube video with YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader is the most powerful video converter in the world. Not only conveting between audio formats, it also supports to download online or local videos and XNUMXk videos to audio. It also can convert videos across different formats, for example, it can convert a WMV video into a WMA or MPXNUMX audio clip. Many portable devices are available to this software. More importantly, it is easy to use and time-saving when you extract audio of a video with YouTube Video Converter.

Steps of extracting background music from YouTube video

I 1 PassiDownload and install YouTube Video Downloader to your computer.

I 2 PassiSelect a YouTube video and copy its URL.

I 3 PassiLaunch Video Converter and click the Scaricare button in the first bar of the interface.

I 4 PassiPaste URL you have copied from YouTube website into the pop-up window. Click Analizzi i dati next to the URL case. Then Click OK to start to download online videos.

I 5 PassiIn Profilo, click the drop-down menu to select the output formats. Just choose an audio format which your music player supports.

I 6 PassiDacci un'occhiata cliccando convertire in the lower right corner of the main interface to record and save the audio from a YouTube video.

YouTube Video Downloader is available to Windows and Mac. It also supports iPhone, iPad, Android and other portable devices via USB to connect them to computer. Therefore, you can directly download and save video from YouTube to your devices. Moreover, you can also scarica anime in MP3 con questo software.

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